88% Grammar school pass rate for the 2023/24 academic year.

We believe children learn best when they feel happy at school, the well-being of our pupils is of paramount importance.  Small class sizes and a family environment mean our pupils are nurtured and feel confident in everything they do. Our education incorporates values, ethics, emotional maturity and a sense of responsibility so our pupils have the confidence to take their place in life. Our 11+ preparation begins from Year 2 and or core offer provides parents with supplemental 11+ tuition after school for Years 4 and 5 at no additional charge.   

We have one aim, to give each pupil an education which enables them to flourish so that they leave us confident and excited about the future.

 With a maximum class size of 18, we believe every child matters.

What our parents say ....

From when my son first attended this school it was like they’ve know him forever, it’s a really friendly school. You can see that there is love in this school.”

Agnes C

The school puts a lot of effort into preparing for the 11+ which used to start in Year 5 but now starts in Year 2. From my experience the school gives excellent preparation for the 11+ exam and I was really impressed that two weeks prior to the 11+ exam there was such immersive studying that I didn’t feel the need to use additional private tutors as I found there were no gaps in learning.  

Pramila S

We often talk to our children about their favourite teachers and both of them go through the whole school and just say all of them have been so amazing. All the way through infant and junior they just loved every teacher and that’s testament to how well the school is run and how happy the children are here.

Clare W