Years 1-2

Maths, English and Science

The focus for maths is having fun with numbers, exploring maths through objects and pictures. As pupils progress the emphasis moves towards building maths knowledge and understanding how to apply it. Wherever possible, maths is related to everyday situations and is taught through the use of rhymes and activities.

Reading is prioritised from the outset and pupil’s are taught to read using a number of different strategies including phonics. Pupils are encouraged to write with purpose and given a range of opportunities allowing them to speak with confidence and fluency.

Science is practical and hands-on. Pupils are encouraged to explore and question their environment and are introduced to the important concepts of fair testing, planning and evaluating their experiments.

Art, Design Technology, History, Geography, ICT and PSHEE

In Art, pupils experience a range of materials and are encouraged to experiment with colour and texture.

In History pupils look at change, the importance of the past and how it affects how we live today. We also have a number of themed days where pupils are encouraged to dress up and recreate a period from the past.

In Geography pupils gain an understanding of their environment, both local and global, and how the land affects our lives. Pupil’s look at the impact of change on their local area and how they have a role in influencing the future.

Pupils have one dedicated lesson each week in the ICT suite. Skills include coding, using the internet safely to obtain information, manipulation of text and images and looking at the way tablets such as iPads can enhance learning across the curriculum.

PSHEE (Personal, Social and Health and Emotional Education) helps our pupils to develop positive relationships with their peers.